Our Service

Since our creation in 2008, we were solicited by hundreds of companies of all sizes and from various industries to support and secure their
purchase in China. We offer all our knowledge and share our experience through our full range of services. We are able to develop prototypes,
we find comprehensive sourcing and supply chain solutions, we fully manage orders, and we secure all orders. We audit Chinese factories,
we inspect orders, we supervise container loading before it leaves the Chinese factory.
We have sourced and inspected many products manufactured in China.
We have, since our creation, opened 3 different entities, each focusing on a specific industry.
MBA Medical is specialised in PPE products, MBA Green in F&B consumable and MBA Outdoor in camping and sports products.
All these projects particularly stimulated our purchasing and quality teams’ ability to find solutions to the problems brought by each project’s
specific challenges.
Thanks to their colleagues job, our sales and project management teams are able to swiftly compose offers adapted to each market (low-cost,